Monday, March 9, 2020

Republican CPAC member of American Conservative Union has the virus

Now, that's novel...Coronavirus stricken person a member of GOP CPAC, the party that denies the disease'''

See the source image
Matt Schlapp
This person was exposed to the virus before attending the American Conservative Union (ACU) convention, This person was tested as positive for COVID-19 in a New Jersey hospital; the convention was held in Maryland. But the patient remains quarantined in the New Jersey hospital. Did the person know he or she had been exposed? It all sounds very suspicious but everything Republicans do today is suspect. Here is an apparently incorrect ACU statement...
"ACU said that the patient did not make contact with President Trump or Vice President Mike Pence, and never attended the events in the main hall."
However, completely contrary to that...
"Matt Schlapp told the Washington Post he interacted with the patient at the event and that he then shook Trump’s hand on the stage on the last day of the conference."
Like I said before, nothing a Republican says can ever be trusted, except, perhaps, Matt Schlapp! 

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