Tuesday, March 17, 2020

What if the healthcare industry comes down with coronavirus?

What if a majority of the doctors and other health care professionals catch the disease and are unable to give the necessary care to their patients?... 

Caregivers talk with a patient at an outdoor  coronavirus testing center at University Hospitals in Mayfield Heights, Ohio. (Tony Dejak/AP)

You have the customary symptoms for the virus and call your doctor's office and get the message, "Sorry, we are closed due to the fact that Dr. Brown and his staff have been diagnosed with coronavirus. Please go to the emergency room for help." Then you rush over to the Community Hospital and into emergency and the only person there is a lone technician who advises you most of the staff has come down with the virus, and it will be hours, perhaps days, before you can be seen.

You're put on a list to be seen and told to go home and self-quarantine immediately. You wait, and wait, then wait some more. This hasn't happened yet, but it could and, perhaps, soon, unless the U.S. steps up its testing for coronavirus, making it faster and simpler in order to get the sick ones off the street. As of today this country's testing stands at 25,000 specimens completed, compared to Italy, 134,000, So. Korea, 274,000.

This is beyond unconscionable, when you consider how much bigger the United States is than either of these countries, or both countries combined, for that matter. We have identified 4,400 cases, Italy, 28,000, So. Korea, 8,300. Remember my post, "Is Donald Trump delaying coronavirus kits circulation to reduce case numbers???" The general consensus seems to be that he was, until public and congressional pressure demanded action...READ MORE...

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