QUESTION: How do Republicans win elections?

ANSWER: They do it by closing voting sites in Democratic neighborhoods.

Here's a recent RawStory headline: "‘Voter suppression, plain and simple’: Texas closed hundreds of polling sites in black and Latino areas." Texas has closed 750 polling locations since 2012, with polling places of one for every 7,700 residents today. Up from 4,000 in 2012. These are the facts...
"The 50 counties that saw the highest growth in black and Latino population had 542 polling sites close between 2012 and 2018, while the 50 counties with the lowest black and Latino population growth saw just 34 closures. The closures came despite the population in the top 50 counties rising by 2.5 million while the 50 counties that had just 34 closures saw their population fall by 13,000."
You'll find tons more about the conniving of Texas Republicans, plus, we must assume, something that is also occurring in more states across the country. The GOP just can't do it honest. A MUST READ...

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