Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Donald Trump coronavirus reaction: Too little, too late

The idiot has landed but the damage is already done...

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It's nice to hear the headline, "Trump, finally, takes the coronavirus emergency seriously," but so much has passed under the bridge, it isn't clear yet whether we will be able to catch up. Much less get a firm handle on the coronavirus in the United States. Testing is critical to knowing who has the disease and we are lagging so far behind it has possibly caused unnecessary deaths. The U.S. has tested only 25,000 specimens, Italy 134,000, So. Korea, 274,000.

In the early stages he called it a hoax perpetrated by the Democrats, with the Republicans in Congress supporting him. Then, he has said repeatedly that he has the coronavirus situation under control. Just yesterday he admitted, "It's bad. It's bad," and started preparations that he should have put in motion weeks ago. But not once has he taken responsibility for the spread of the virus. Pathetic!

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