Monday, March 9, 2020

Blockade for coronavirus information continues by Donald Trump

CNN headlines "dissonance" between Donald Trump and CDC on coronavirus

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But there is no discord when it comes to Trump allies who are willing to stretch the truth, even lie, for T-rump when it comes to the severity of the coronavirus. As an example, wingnut Republican, Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz...
"a top Republican [suck-up] in the House of Representatives, appeared to be mocking the virus when he wore a gas mask to votes on the House floor."
The Oval Office lunatic has complained that some administration people like Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar were too alarmist when conveying information on the disease complaining that "doomsday scenarios and overly pessimistic predictions helped tank markets." Although there should be certain considerations in releasing information, this clearly points out Trump's interest in protecting his favorability ratings for the November election.

Here's CNN's take...
"From its earliest days, Trump has sought to downplay coronavirus' risks and lashed out when those within his administration appeared to be doing otherwise. He told a collective of executives at the World Economic Summit in Davos, Switzerland, in mid-January that it would not pose a major threat to the United States, an attendee told CNN."
The big question remains, when the coronavirus epidemic turns into a pandemic, what will the White House maniac do? There are many, even within the Trump administration, who believe he doesn't have the skills or brains to handle it. Then what?,,,READ MORE...

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