Monday, March 30, 2020

Donald Trump is new "Teflon Don"

Many Americans, along with the media, are asking, if Donald Trump is as bad as he appears in public, why are his favorability ratings still escalating?

President Trump.

Good question, deserves a good answer. But right now there isn't one. Except, for some reason he is untouchable, kinda like John Gotti was...for a while, called the "Teflon Don." He was also known as "Dapper Don" because he was a smart dresser. Gotti served time for truck hijacking and cargo theft in 1968, and manslaughter in 1974, but later after beating several charges, "became known as the “Teflon Don” (because criminal charges against him never stuck)"

And here's how Gotti finally went down...
"By 1990, however, the FBI had collected damaging evidence against Gotti through an extensive eavesdropping operation. In 1992, after a lengthy and widely publicized trial in which Gravano, in violation of a fundamental rule of Mafia behaviour, testified against him, Gotti was convicted on 13 criminal counts, including the murder of Castellano and others, racketeering, and obstruction of justice, and was sentenced to life in prison."
"In 1998 he was diagnosed with throat cancer. He died in 2002 at the U.S. Medical Center for Federal Prisoners in Springfield, Missouri."
Gotti, John
The "Teflon Don"
Well, I don't wish throat cancer on anyone, even Donald Trump, but I do hope he goes to jail for all he has done to destroy this country while in the White House and, frankly, don't care what happens to him after that. Damon Linker in The Week says, "My estimation of President Trump has never been lower than it is right now. And his approval rating has never been higher." He explains journalists have approached it like this...
"Unwaveringly convinced that the president and his party are inept, corrupt, ignorant, and brutally callous, they have written and published article after article under headlines like, 'This is the end of the Trump presidency.'" 
 Like John Gotti beating prosecution after prosecution until...the end. But it looks as if Trump, the "Don" has a double coat of Teflon, and no evidence yet that it is wearing thin. The problem here is that we assume...
"that most people will recoil from outright lies, deception, malice, injustice, sleaze, and thuggish imbecility when it is exposed and demonstrated to them."
Great video where Stephen Colbert compares Trump with John Gotti...

But they haven't with the Oval Office lunatic. Damon makes another comment on why we're not seeing "the end of the Trump presidency" that is very unnerving: "Maybe enough Americans in enough states just don't care." I have a name for those people who share this attitude...'apathetics." They usually are spineless, non-voters from both parties who are the first to bitch and moan over what's going on in the country, and also the first to do nothing.

The Week article goes on to marvel over the fact that regardless of what this White House maniac has done, the Republicans favor it because they benefit from it. This is evaluated by the author...
"Now let me be clear: This is bad. Very bad. It means that a large and politically potent segment of the American public is both actively contemptuous of expertise, specialized knowledge, and the effort to combat political corruption when it benefits them, and beyond the reach of being persuaded otherwise.
"It will of course be even worse if they happen to get their president re-elected."
God help us! With the coronavirus pandemic causing the turmoil it is, there is no certainty there will even be an election in November. And even if there is, how will Donald Trump screw with it so that he is assured of being reelected? But as it stands today, the COVID-19 dilemma could strike a blow against Trump that he cannot withstand. With the recent accolades of New York's Governor Andrew Cuomo's handling of the crisis, he looks like a new challenging contender.

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