Thursday, March 19, 2020

Trump must step up coronavirus action or 2.2 million people could die in U.S

And according to this new scientific report, it must be "drastic and coordinated government action"...

President Trump at a Monday news conference on the Covid-19 pandemic.
The gang that couldn't think straight
Well, that's not likely to happen under Donald Trump, especially since he has just come to the conclusion that coronavirus is not a hoax, rather, a real threat to the American people. Not sure where the noodle-head Congress stands on the issue but am sure they are still waiting for Trump's go-ahead before they act. This whole fiasco is so preposterous, illustrating the exact way a presidential administration should not perform in a crisis.

T-rump's reaction to the coronavirus pandemic could be part of the recent calculating by British researchers and which was shared with the White House which found that...
"in the absence of drastic and coordinated government action, the novel coronavirus could kill as many as 2.2 million people in the United States alone."
The report published in the New York Times from researchers at Imperial College London indicates that even with these "drastic" measures...
"different steps, intended to drive down transmission by isolating patients, quarantining those in contact with them and keeping the most vulnerable apart from others for three months, could only cut the predicted death toll by half, the new report said."
The lead author of the study, Neil Ferguson, an epidemiology professor, said that "his group had shared their projections with the White House task force about a week ago and that an early copy of the report was sent over the weekend." One startling finding in the report that "eight to nine percent of people in the most vulnerable age group, 80 and older, could die if infected." With Donald Trump in charge, and based on his incompetence so far, all these calculations could increase.

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