Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Donald Trump's coronavirus lunacy

Donald Trump continues to spread coronavirus misinformation - See 13 claims from AlterNet already proven pure hogwash...

The propagandist at work
It is bad enough that the coronavirus epidemic is spreading faster than U.S. health officials can control, but add to that the spewed idiocy of the Oval Office lunatic, which simply throws more fuel on the inferno. We know, now, that you cannot shut up this dolt, so his staff and the public now simply ignore his ravings and look for a credible source for information. Like in all other announcements, Trump still maintains there is nothing serious about the situation.

Here are only a few of the White House maniac's gems, then you can go the article because they are all worth reading...for a good laugh...

1. “Hopefully, we’re not going to have to spend so much because we really think we’ve done a great job in keeping it down to a minimum. And again, we’ve had tremendous success — tremendous success — beyond what people would have thought.”
Reality: "Trump said this when the number of confirmed cases of infection in the United States was around sixty. It’s now over 500 and counting.

2. “We’re rapidly developing a vaccine, and they can speak to you — the professionals can speak to you about that. The vaccine is coming along well.”
Reality: Any potential vaccine will take at least a year to 18 months to become available, and that’s assuming everything goes perfectly in the development.

3. “But we’re very, very ready for this, for anything — whether it’s going to be a breakout of larger proportions or whether or not we’re — you know, we’re at that very low level, and we want to keep it that way.”
Reality: The administration has not been ready for the outbreak, despite knowing about the threat of the virus for months. The United States has been well behind the appropriate pace of testing to understand the scope of the crisis and keep it under control.

Well, you get the idea.

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