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4-year-old Iowa girl goes blind almost dies with flu: NO FLU SHOT

This is a tough one since these parents are not anti-vaxxers. Jade DeLucia, the 4-year-old, had a flu shot last March, but for some reason, didn't get one this flu season. The confusion of the DeLucia over these new flu shots cost their daughter her sight, almost her life. It isn't clear what happened, why a flu shot in March, then the reasoning another one isn't needed in the Fall of 2019. With all the media coverage of this issue, it's hard to believe any parent could make this decision. 

Jade has significant brain damage which is permanent with something called encephalopathy. The current flu season is predicted to be the worst in years. If you haven't yet had your flu shot you are an idiot, unless there are prevailing circumstances. If not, you should stay at home.   READ MORE...

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