Democrats can turn 2016 Electoral College loss around

A recent RawStory report shows "Not only has the president lost support among women, he’s lost support among his own loyalists, who admit that Trump is guilty." As Trump boasts of his approval rating, it turns out that "51 percent of Americans support removing Trump from office, a new CNN poll showed. In Trump's impeachment trial, while Moscow Mitch McConnell continues to throw up barriers protecting T-rump, 70% of the public want to see witnesses.

That would indicate to me that Americans are tired of the way Senate Republicans are handling the trial and would like to try the truth for a change. Here's the scenario...
“In both the CNN and Monmouth polls, we end up with a seemingly remarkable result,” wrote Phillip Bump for the Post. “There is more support for throwing Trump out of office than there is support for his administration. In what might seem alarming to the Trump reelection campaign, that holds both in battleground states (according to CNN) and in swing counties where the 2016 margin was 10 points or smaller (according to Monmouth).”
This should get Democrats off their butts and proceed to November with a strategy to lock up the states necessary to beat the Oval Office lunatic. 


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