It's in the book: Trump told John Bolton Ukraine aid conditioned on Biden investigation

John Bolton

John Bolton is, of course, writing a book, and from the manuscript draft it is learned that, "Trump told him US security assistance to Ukraine was conditioned on investigations into Democrats, including former Vice President Joe Biden." It apparently brought the Senate trial to a screeching halt, momentarily, not to mention the tremendous publicity for Bolton's tome. Mitt Romney exclaimed that Bolton would probably have to testify.

Romney's comment is pretty cavalier over an issue that seems so obvious to Democrats, even the American public; a Reuters/Ipsos poll provided that about...
"72% agreed that the trial “should allow witnesses with firsthand knowledge of the impeachment charges to testify,” including 84% of Democrats and 69% of Republicans."
Yet both Donald Trump and Moscow Mitch McConnell still say no; Trump because he knows he's guilty and wants to cover up, and McConnell to protect Trump and himself and the power he wields over the Senate. Republican Senators are pissed since the White House has had a copy of Bolton's MS since the end of December and said nothing. Democrats are obviously demanding the former national security adviser testimony and now it looks inevitable. 

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