Monday, January 13, 2020

New book on Red State Christians is scary

Red States alone are creepy, but add Evangelicals...

I read this book for the purpose given by the author's sub-title, "Understanding the Voters Who Elected Donald Trump." I'm done and although I do have some inkling of what these people are all about, I cannot fathom why they believe it. The author, Angela Denker does a good job of remaining as objective as an Evangelical could (she isn't a Donald Trump supporter) but is definitely a conservative, yet not sure just how much the church should participate in politics.

There's a lot to be said for the separation of church and state, specifically to protect the rights of atheists, Jews, Muslims, Agnostics, and other people who hold beliefs different than Christianity. As an example, Donald Trump has recently expressed the idea of launching a school prayer crusade which has delighted Evangelicals. Denker's book would lead one to believe the Evangelical movement is here to stay. God help us if it gets more political. Without question, I would recommend every Progressive/liberal read this book.   SEE MORE...

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