Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Will the White House blind-siding Republicans over Bolton's book change votes?

Trump nothing but a bluff who folds when adversaries fight back

The White House had a copy of the John Bolton book draft but told no one about it. This obviously left Republican Senators hanging as well as the Democrats. But the Dems already know their goal, which is to convict Donald Trump in the impeachment trial. The question is, will the Bolton incident, plus other recent events, convince those GOPers on the edge to vote for a conviction? In a Salon commentary Bob Cesca poses the mystery of...
"why so many Republicans who are willing to bet their reputations on relentlessly defending Donald Trump, especially now."
One reason might be that the Republican machine is in the process of imploding and for some insane reason they believe T-rump is holding it together. Another, many of these Republicans owe the Oval Office lunatic for the gold mine he gave them when they were among the wealthy who shared generously in his tax cuts. It might fly if Trump was all the things of George W. Bush and Ronald Reagan in their election popularity, but as Cesca put it...
"Trump is a flop-sweating mess, and more of us should be asking why they don’t just cut bait and try their luck with conserva-droid Mike Pence."
But, please no, not Mike Pence because we will just have to go through impeachment proceedings all over again. And with great eloquence, although lengthy, Bob Cesca nails Donald Trump for the idiot he is...
"Among thousands of liabilities, Trump is busily faking his way through his presidency with such lumbering, self-satirical awkwardness that he has the very real potential of exploding the entire party through his viral obnoxiousness, his treachery, his proud dumbness and his 16,241 lies to date. Every national Republican has been repeatedly forced to pooper-scooper Trump’s tweets and his chopper-talk hollering, turning the phrase “the president tweets a lot of things” into the new party slogan. And unlike Bush or Reagan before him, Trump’s approval is permanently capped at an anemic 45 percent at best, and he clearly believes he’s only capable of winning re-election by extorting foreign governments into helping him cheat."
This article is really worth reading in it entirety.  

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