Does 2-Year-Old need a gun? - Family thinks so

Family decides to buy 2-year-old gun for protection

It isn't everyday that you hear the announcement, 'I'm buying my 2-year-old kid a gun.' But this did happen recently and these people were very serious. Seems like she needs it to protect herself, but think about that. You give the kid a loaded gun and what does she do? She'd probably shoot herself or a family member, and, of course have no idea what she had just done. Arizona, where I live, has wide open gun laws; if your body is warm, you can buy one...
In Arizona, the state in which the nine-year-old girl inadvertently killed her shooting instructor with an Uzi, state law allows for the temporary transfer of firearms to minors by firearms safety instructors or by another adult accompanying a minor in hunting or target shooting activities -- so long as the child's parents give consent.
In 2013 in Kentucky, a 5-year-old brother shot his 2-year-old sister. I rest my case.   READ MORE...  

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