Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Speaker Nancy Pelosi in impeachment standoff

Pelosi shows Moscow Mitch for the lowlife he is

Speaker Pelosi - Moscow Mitch

It's hard to tell right now what the slimeball head of the U.S. Senate will do but you can bet that it will be a show of Republican power and as underhanded as McConnell can make it. The man is in a class with Donald Trump, no morals, no ethics, no decency. And that is what Pelosi accomplished by holding the Articles of Impeachment until this week. She made it perfectly clear that Moscow Mitch doesn't give a shit about this country, just himself and the Party.

RawStory reports that...
"By holding the articles and forcing McConnell to do what he was going to do — run the trial his way — Pelosi gives Democrats a scapegoat for their eventual failure to remove Trump. They can blame McConnell’s allegedly unfair and prejudicial rules for the debacle rather than their own failure to bring even a small portion of the non-Democratic electorate behind them."
Not the result that we would all like but just more proof that Republicans can never win without stacking the deck.   READ MORE...

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