Sunday, January 19, 2020

Donald Trump's corruption, sexism, cruelty and bigotry for 2020

That's how to beat Donald Trump in November says noted conservative strategist Rick Wilson

Rick Wilson

He has advised successful Republican candidates for years, but recently has made it his life's work to defeat Donald Trump in the upcoming election. He even takes credit for some of the undesirables in the GOP today. Wilson describes it that he has "contributed to the hyper-partisan, zero-sum political world that we live in today." He has a new book out,  Running Against the Devil: A Plot to Save America from Trump — and Democrats from Themselves.”

The book isn't about ideology, according to Wilson "it’s about how to defeat the racist, sexist, grifter who threatens the future of our nation. It’s truly that simple." Knowing the ins and outs of the GOP, my hunch is we will glean some excellent strategy from his book, Here's his approach...
"To beat Trump, make the entire election about his corruption, sexism, cruelty and bigotry. Wilson believes that if the 2020 election is framed as a choice between four more years of toxic Trump or another person — virtually any person — Americans will pick the non-Trump on the ballot."
Here's the clincher, forget national polls and focus on winning the Electoral College. That's what Hillary didn't do and what the soon to be nominated Democratic candidate must do. 

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