Republican Senate are collaborators and complicit

In the impeachment trial of Donald Trump, a sworn Senate of Republicans, who gave an oath to uphold objectivity in their decision making, have become mired in their own complicity and collaborative efforts to ignore the hard facts against the Oval Office lunatic. Charles Pierce nails it in this piece, long but so comprehensive...
"In this, no Republican was different from any other Republican. Lisa Murkowski and Tom Cotton were the same. Thom Tillis and Ted Cruz were the same. Cory Gardner and Jim Inhofe were the same. Mitt Romney and Ben Sasse were the same as Mike Rounds and Mike Enzi. And they were all the same as Mitch McConnell. There were no moderate Republicans in the Senate on Tuesday. There were no Never Trumpers. There were only collaborators. There was no independence in the Senate on Tuesday, only complicity. And it was a deadening, sad thing to watch."
The AlterNet headline of the article this was taken from says it all: "Why we are witnessing the death of reason among Republicans." The fact is that this actually poses a question that must be on the mind of millions of Americans which is simply terrifying since there doesn't seem to be an answer. Why would Donald Trump do what he is doing to this country? Why would Moscow Mitch McConnell do what he is doing to this country. The quick answer is greed and corruption.

The article cites "Fox News and the rest of the right-wing propaganda network" as supplying the filter through which all this right side of the political bullshit is delivered to those double digits that listen to this network. Pierce observes the House Managers on the Democratic side "providing facts and evidence," while on the other side...
"all the latter had to do was show up and count on their propaganda network to gin up fear and loathing for anyone who dares to challenge the president."
And then the piece concludes...
"That is why we are witnessing the death of reason on the Republican side."
What more is there to say?  

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