Tuesday, June 24, 2014


True, background checks should be the primary goal for now and it looks like there is a surge in gun control support with maximum spending for those in Congress favoring the issue in November. Both Bloomberg and Gabby Giffords groups are investing heavily to offset the lies and propaganda of the National Rifle Assn. But the NRA lost in February when the Supreme Court refused to hear its cases on the right of gun owners to carry firearms outside their homes for self-defense. Another case originating in New Jersey seeking the same kind of decision was also dismissed by SCOTUS. The irony is John Drake can carry his Glock, Model 30, .45-caliber handgun in public in 38 states across the country. The District of Columbia 2008 decision upheld the individual's right to possess a gun for protection in the home. But it is widely believed that this was not meant to give the approval for the carrying of firearms outside the home.

Peace Through Democracy

  For those who don't want peace, there should be a trap door to oblivion...