Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Oliver North just completed extensive NRA training

Oliver North-NRA's new propaganda master
One would expect no more from Oliver North, recently elected head of the National Rifle Assn., and true to the cause as dictated by NRA head, Wayne LaPierre, than to blame everything but guns on the Santa Fe, Texas massacre of 8 students and 2 teachers. This gun nut actually dismisses "the role of guns in a spate of recent high school shootings." North's words...
"the 'disease' causing such rampages is not firearms but 'youngsters who are steeped in a culture of violence' and who have “been drugged in many cases.”
Can you believe this idiot? The recent mass killings of students, according to North, are caused by everything but the guns used to commit the mayhem; guns, in this case, which were owned by his father and available to the shooter, Dimitrios Pagourtzisbecause the father didn't secure them. Even if he had, Pagourtzis could have easily obtained one under the lax gun laws in Texas. And I don't remember the shooter being on drugs. What did happen, apparently, is bullying of this young man, but it takes some other contributing factor to make him resort to this kind of gun violence.

As has been the case in all the school bloodbaths, the availability of the weapons has been a key component in the carrying out of the shooter's mission. And the flags that are raised by most of the killers, like Pagourtzis wearing a black t-shirt with the inscription "Born to Kill." It isn't cute, nor something to snicker about; it is a serious statement that is a prediction of what that person might do. In this case, he did it. Didn't his parents see him in this shirt, or the students at Santa Fe High? We have become entirely too apathetic over these things, which only encourages the next incident.

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