Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Can't believe the NRA blames free press for gun violence

The blame stops here
It's been going on for a hundred years, blaming everything but guns for gun violence. Excuses used by the gun nuts are lack of treatment for mental health, film, TV and video game violence, erosion of Christian values and lack of adequate security measures at schools. But the latest selection by the National Rifle Assn.'s head gun nut is the media. Only a warped mind like the one in the head of the NRA's Wayne LaPierre could come up with this one. Here's what their video said...
"journalists are more responsible for school gun violence than the ease of access to guns: 'Over-reporting on school shootings inspires other shooters. … Ignoring shooters and not giving them any attention will do more to stop school shootings than any gun control measure ever will.'”
In other words, don't cover the shooting event in the media, which means the NRA won't have to defend their intentions of putting as many guns on the street as possible.

It is an extremely troubled person that can believe bullshit like the above, and maybe it's the gun huggers we need to take the guns away from. Back in the 20th Century "The NRA also argued at the time that because criminals already did not follow the law, it was nonsensical to pass controls that in any way impeded the average person from acquiring a firearm." Translated, that means, let's put all the guns on the street we can and if criminals do get them, what the hell. Only a complete moron would make a statement like the above.

Even Harry Truman was duped by the NRA when the country was suddenly flooded with overseas firearms, they told him, "the foreign influx and ready availability of firearms was a nonissue." And in the 1960s the NRA faced a fierce public because of its opposition to gun control laws. Then comes the cry of "a failed criminal justice system that was too lenient on crime." But in 1969, a commission formed by Pres. Lyndon Johnson found "two out of every three homicides are committed with guns." The tragedy of all this is the NRA blame game has worked...until now. Enlightened we go today.

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