Sunday, July 7, 2019

NEWS DIGEST: The tweeting madman is Donald Trump

July 7, 2019: PROGRESSIVE STREET...Where Liberals Walk  

It's the second time we've heard a single "fast radio burst" from a galaxy across the universe. Although we don't know what causes these FRBs we do know that this one came from a "galaxy, similar in size to our own Milky Way galaxy and is 7.9 billion light-years away. Is it some advanced extraterrestrial civilization--scientists can't rule this out--and somehow technology can be harnessed to contact them, pleading that they come and take Donald Trump away? Please!

Could you do without $55 million and 5 million voters? (NRA 2016 campaign activity) Not if you are Donald Trump, candidate for president of the United States. The wheels are coming off the National Rifle Assn. (NRA), and with the recent closing down of their NRATV propaganda machine, they are likely to be hard put for cash. A rich donor is after head gun nut Wayne LaPierre and Madonna recently did a video on gun violence. Looks like Trump is in even more trouble.

George Conway's simple formula to beat Donald Trump in 2020: Constant attacks on Trump personally and politically by Democrats that will eventually cause the Oval Office idiot's meltdown. It's so simple but so obvious. Anyone who has observed this man since his inauguration knows that he cannot take criticism on any level. How this shakes out with Conway's wife Kellyanne Conway as one of Trump's closest advisers is anyones guess and could actually fit into the equation.


On the surface it would appear that Donald Trump had a reasonably large crowd for his July 4th speech. No crowd size has been confirmed but pictures show the people alongside the pool. This, however, calls into question why Trump's staff felt the need to hand out VIP tickets to Trump’s Fourth of July rally to anyone who will take them. Politico said the WH staff was desperate to entice people to come, and yet pictures available show a sizeable gang of T-rump blind sheep minions. Questionable?


The tweeting madman is Donald Trump, says Daily Beast, and uses the revolving door handling of the census question by this nutcase to explain what it's like to work for a psychopath. It a'int easy as Joshua Gardner, special counsel at the Department of Justice, who told the court the question was out, knows. Now it's back in because the maniac thinks he can beat around the courts with an executive order. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross himself was in on the "outing" decision. Washington has never been so much fun.

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