NEWS ALERT.Big time NRA donor wants Wayne LaPierre dumped

Thank God someone in the gun rights community has finally usurped the nerve to go after the National Rifle Assn. (NRA's) head gun nut, Wayne LaPierre. This maniac is the common denominator for all the gun violence since he took office in 1991. It is his firm belief that everyone in this country should be armed with a gun, take it anywhere he wants to, with every American household claiming its own personal arsenal. This offense is purely to sell more guns to appease the gun manufacturers who generously support him and the NRA.

Here's what David Dell’Aquila, LaPierre's hit man, says...
the NRA’s internal warfare “has become a daily soap opera, and it’s decaying and destroying the NRA from within, and it needs to stop”.
“Even if these allegations regarding Mr LaPierre and his leadership are false, he has become radioactive and must step down.”
Don't you love his description of Lapierre as "radioactive?" 

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