Thursday, July 18, 2019

Non-stop rigged GOP elections

July 17, 2019: TODAY'S NEWS BYTES
Republicans rig elections
How to win an election, the Republican way. If you can't win it forthrightly, look overseas for ways to corrupt the system in your favor. You can encourage foreign countries...
"with world-class internet hacking capabilities and less-than-democratic (Russia) or highly corrupted and oligarch-dependent (Netanyahu, Duterte, Modi) leaders become “good friends” of Trump..."
Senate head Mitch McConnell has made sure mostly “red” states keep their voting systems’ defenses down and continue to use 17-year-old technology running on Windows XP operating systems, thus, the implication of a free ride for those hackers who would help the GOP.

Republican claimed voter fraud not true...

Tim Alberta of Politico has a new book, "American Carnage," which has been described as demonstrating "just how irredeemable the Republican Party is." There's a lot in the book about...
“'never-Trumpers' who rolled over for the guy once he won: Sean Spicer, Reince Priebus, Sens. Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz. But three stand out: Mike Pence, Mick Mulvaney, and Paul Ryan."
Mike Pence has earned the nickname “'the Bobblehead' from fellow Republicans because he is so obsequious, nodding along to everything Trump says in meetings. But it is Paul Ryan that takes the cake...

"The former House speaker fully admits that he used retirement in 2018 as an 'escape hatch' from Trump because he couldn’t face having to deal with him for another two years."

Trump dumped Iran deal to "spite" Barack Obama. Former UK ambassador, Sir Kim Darroch, described the move as an act of "diplomatic vandalism," "after the then Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson appealed to the US in 2018 to stick with the deal." Recently Darroch criticized Donald Trump, sending the Oval Office lunatic ballistic, eventually culminat5ing in the ambassador resigning. Background...
"Sir Kim wrote to Mr. Johnson informing him Republican President Trump appeared to be abandoning the nuclear deal for 'personality reasons' - because the pact had been agreed by his Democrat predecessor, Barack Obama."
The 2015 deal was backed by the US and five other nations, with Iran agreeing to limit its sensitive nuclear activities in return for the lifting of crippling.  economic sanctions. Then Trump grumbled over Iran's nuclear ambitions and reinstated US sanctions after withdrawing from the deal in May 2018. So, the brat in the White House took his little red ball and bounded up the stairs to his bedroom where he called Jeffrey Epstein for advice, plus other requests.

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