Saturday, January 1, 2022



Call me naive, but I'm hoping and wishing for a 2022 that will surpass all other new years in history for understanding, concilliation and respect between the people in the United States, and the world. You've all heard my dooms day posts, and most have their purpose. But after over two years of a pandemic that almost shut down the world plus political chaos in the American government that has no precedent in history, liberty and democracy need a break.

Democrats and Republicans want different things, and both sides have done their share to literally beat the other side up. The time has come for both the left and the right to step into the center of the ring, shake hands, and come out swinging for their cause. However, the swings do not have to include the weapons and armor used in the past several years. If those who run this country cannot find middle ground, then the politicians have failed with voters responsible in the end.

The Agony of Stupidity...Republicans and the 2020 Election

  Some wingnut math teacher from Ohio by the name of Douglas Frank, with a Texas flag print bow tie, uses the National Anthem to rev up a cr...