Friday, February 26, 2021

Conservative talk radio is the talk of the misguided


There is no question that conservative talk radio has been and still is in the forefront of that genre. It is so well developed and constantly honed that the folks on the left are literally following in their dust. Why is this true? There is an answer, but you right-handers won't like it. 

Think Pied Piper of Hamelin. Someone who offers strong but delusive enticement; or, a leader who makes irresponsible promises; or, a charismatic person who attracts followers. I told you, but you might take solace in the fact that these characterizations came from a quick Internet search. However, that does not dampen their validity or authentication in this case. And the fact that Rush Limbaugh had 15 million of these poor souls simply proves my point.

If you cretins are now surfing the airwaves like a bunch of nomads lost in the desert, searching for another bogus icon to look up to do yourself a favor, read a comic book, or watch reality TV shows or go to McDonalds and order a Whopper. Fox News seems to have lost its glow since Donald Trump reluctantly left the White House, and those of you on Twitter no longer have your idol to tweet with because he is banned. Take my advice, above, and, if you must, mourn Limbaugh.


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