Thursday, February 25, 2021

PARODY: Donald Trump and Ann Coulter go up in flames in Tenn.

This week marks a change of format in Nasty Jack posts featuring parody to illustrate just how hilarious and absurd the political scene can be. Enjoy!

Tennessee is not exactly the most liberal state; actually, it is ultra-conservative. But hidden in the stacks of books in a Chattanooga library was a left-wing tyrant who thought both Donald Trump and Ann Coulter should be exorcised from the pages of history. Our hero, Cameron Williams is a local Black Lives Matter activist, and one of his jobs was to regularly purge the library shelves of obsolete and/or inconsequential titles. 

When he ran across books relating to Donald Trump and Ann Coulter, he only did what his common sense told him was right...dump this shit. The fact that he set fire to these titles ensued from the stories his grandfather used to tell him about the Ku Klux Klan that made it their goal to burn down everything they didn't like.


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