Friday, February 5, 2021

Capitol rioters supported anti-vaxxers and vice versa


This blog has repeatedly attacked anti-vaxxers with the position that these idiots--yes, they are the lower rungs of grey matter--are causing a dangerous situation where people are being urged not to do what will keep them healthy, even save their life. The harm they have done is incalculable as evidenced by the four-year old killed by his mother who followed the advice from a Facebook group of anti-vaxxers. Now they are coming for the COVID-19 vaccination group.

A CNN piece says, "Antivaxxers worked with 'Stop the steal' organizers for Jan. 6 rally." Del Bigtree, an anti-vaccine activist exclaimed to the crowd at the "MAGA Freedom Rally D.C." about a block from the Capitol, "We're being led off of a cliff." He added...

"I wish I could tell you that Tony Fauci cares about your safety..." he said. "I wish I could believe that voting machines worked... but none of this is happening."

Now, for the millions of people out there, especially the double-digit Trump supporters, that means science is for shit; years of scientific development and discoveries to help human beings live longer is bogus. Bigtree implies the pandemic is a farce and vaccines are not necessary. Go about your business and all will be well. It's these morons you see protesting masks and distancing in public places. It is this reality absent gang that is perpetuating the coronavirus pandemic. 

Yes, primarily Trump supporters in this display of ignorance, following the lunatic that said nobody could tell him anything. Well, they finally did and we finally got rid of the White House maniac. But his pathetic followers still stand ready to fight the election fraud battle, his upcoming impeachment trial, and now the war against vaccines. Imran Ahmed, CEO of the Center for Countering Digital Hate calls it...

"Conspiracism that allows you to connect anything together if you want to, because it doesn't require fact."

Well, we do have the facts, and they all provide that government agencies are telling us the coronavirus vaccines are safe and proven to be effective. But then, the anti-vaxxer goons think the U.S. government is trying to kill us, when, in fact, it is them trying to kill the public with their doomsday rhetoric. And listen to this...

"In the wake of Trump's electoral defeat, some leaders of the anti-vaccine movement latched onto the "Stop the Steal" crusade, advancing their own conspiratorial claims and, in some cases, promoting private business."

In case you missed it, they are using Americans lives to promote their private business ventures. And here lies the current problem...

"But public health experts warn that anti-vaccine messages now pose a unique threat to the nation's health given the urgency for widespread coronavirus vaccination."
Anthony Fauci has pointed out that we need to reach a herd immunity of around

85% of the U.S. to be vaccinated to get the country moving again by the end of the year. With the anti-vaxxer resistance movement continuing its helter skelter efforts, this goal does not seem likely, and we can contribute all the coronavirus deaths following that period to these lowlife extremists. In closing...
"A national poll published this week from Monmouth University found 24% of people in the US will avoid getting the coronavirus vaccine if they can help it. The poll also found that willingness is driven more by political leanings than demographics."

This is a good article so read more...And, the pandemic is still raging so get your vaccination as soon as you become eligible. 

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