Monday, February 1, 2021

Horses are also looking for a forever home


From the deep South, Jackson, TN., my home town, came the first announcement I have seen on rescue horses looking for their forever home. Redemption Road Rescue has 15 horses ready for adoption. Too bad they are not closer to my current residence, Cave Creek, AZ, where horses are as common as cats and dogs in many households. However, considering the advancement of horse carriers today, I'd say they could probably make the trip across country.

And it's not always necessary to house your horse at home. Even here in the wild west, people keep their horses in facilities that take complete care of them, and often even provide an area for riding. So, you are only limited to whether or not you can afford all this and, of you are a horse lover, something you might want to look in to. Here's a list of horse rescues by state to get you started, and, who knows, this could be the "pet" you have been looking for. 

In the meantime, if you're anywhere close to Jackson, TN, be sure and go see the folks at Redemption Road Rescue. Read more...

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