Thursday, February 18, 2021

Coronavirus endemic, which means life probably won't be the same


I don't really think the COVID-19 pandemic has established a pattern that can predict what to expect for the future. I did a recent post, "Time markers like B.C. and A.D. now have competition, that proposes similarities like A.D. and B.C. to coincide with the current situation. But there is perhaps even another element that takes precedence over the others...during pandemic or D.P. We seem to be in a limbo where medical technology must catch up with science...
"Nature asked more than 100 immunologists, infectious-disease researchers and virologists working on the coronavirus whether it could be eradicated. Almost 90% of respondents think that the coronavirus will become endemic — meaning that it will continue to circulate in pockets of the global population for years to come."

Look at this article from Nature, scroll down to "Endemic Future" for how the scientific community predicts our future. Michael Osterholm, an epidemiologist at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis says...

“Eradicating this virus right now from the world is a lot like trying to plan the construction of a stepping-stone pathway to the Moon. It’s unrealistic.”

We are most likely to stay in the DP period for some time. 

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