Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Animals deserve a good life: Severely abused pit bull back to living again


Apollo was the most loved of all the Greek Gods, the epitome of youth and beauty. There is another Apollo who was not so lucky who "was severely abused and had a pretty hard life." After being abandoned on the side of the road, he was rescued by a woman named Brittany, who soon earned his trust and worked at getting him healthy again...

"Brittany already had six dogs and wasn’t planning on adopting any more, but Apollo was too sweet to pass up. Despite all the suffering that he had endured, Apollo was ready to trust humans and just wanted their affection.

Apollo was very fortunate Brittany came along but other animals often don't have the same experience and the outcome is regrettable for many. Thanks to Brittany for being an animal angel. Do your part and support animal rescues, shelters and humane societies. Read more... 

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