Monday, April 27, 2020

Why is there is no dog in the White House?

Presidential dogs go all the way back to the beginning...George Washington...

President Harry Truman’s dog, Feller.
Should there be a doggy in the White House? NO
Washington had seven dogs, one was named Drunkard. Trump has no dog. Abraham Lincoln had eight, one named Fido, who was assassinated by a drunk with a knife a couple months after Lincoln was killed. Trump is dogless. Teddy Roosevelt had twenty-four, which probably led to a rowdy White House, but that's the way he liked it. Still, Donald Trump has no dog. Barack Obama had his Bo, and even Richard Nixon had a dog, four in all. But not T-rump.

And that, folks, is what is wrong with the current White House, in addition, of course, to the fact its head occupant is a raving maniac doing what he has been doing since he entered that historic monument, tearing this country apart, piece by piece. But, would a dog do him any good? If you are a real animal lover, you have your pet because you want to give it loving care and a forever home. Our cats are treated as if they are our children, which they really are.

But an animal of any kind in Donald Trump's company is like...throwing it to the lions. Yes, a dog in this White House would, due to perpetual strife, be peeing and pooping from the Lincoln bedroom to the Oval Office to Trump's private quarters. A cat, on its first day. would observe the White House maniac in action, spray on the imperial desk, then find a place to hide. Animals know what's going on, and they know a phony the minute they spot it. Donald Trump.

Based on an opinion piece in the New York times by Jennifer Finney Boylan.

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