Kidney problems and dialysis machines newest coronavirus crisis

For those with serious kidney problems, getting a dialysis machine may prove hard to do in the future...

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Dialysis machines on the ready
Here's the CNN headline: "New Covid-19 crisis hits ICUs as more patients need dialysis." With some of their patients going into kidney failure, Doctors are experiencing a shortage of the supplies needed to treat them and the dialysis machines necessary to keep them alive. That isn't all...
"They say they are overwhelmed, not only because patients are going into kidney failure, but also because the body's intense reaction to the virus is often causing their blood to clot too much, and the clots are literally clogging up the dialysis filters."
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The whole complication is changing from the threats of "pneumonia that has been one of the defining symptoms of serious Covid-19 disease," to "systemic effects on their hearts and other organs." Namely, kidney failure. This is a statement from Dr. Sam Parnia, a critical care specialist at New York University Langone Medical Center...
"It's taken everyone by surprise because it is acting so different from everything else."
It's always the unknowns that slow down the progress and this time it is...
"They are not dying because they can't get enough oxygen. They are actually dying because of other complications and it is predominately due to blood clots."
That would explain some of the recent deaths of patients on ventilators. It wasn't their lungs that killed them, it was their kidneys. But the medical profession is still learning with this new virus, and hopefully this save lives in the future. 

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