Monday, April 20, 2020

Here's the headline for Kentucky COVID-19 idiots "Protesting for the Freedom to Catch the Coronavirus"

Anti-vaxxer mentality prevails in Kentuckians leading the coronavirus protests...

A demonstrator in Lansing, Mich., walked between a line of cars as they drove past the State Capitol and honked in protest against coronavirus restrictions.
Let me be free to kill myself and your family
The portion of the headline, "Protesting for the Freedom to Catch the Coronavirus," is from the New York Times reflecting what these morons are apparently attempting to accomplish. 'Let's go out and catch the disease so we can take it home to our families, especially the kids and grandparents who are in the most vulnerable category. I believe the time has really come to collect all these people together and place them in concentration camps.

And then there's this Newsweek headline, "KENTUCKY REPORTS HIGHEST CORONAVIRUS INFECTION INCREASE AFTER A WEEK OF PROTESTS TO REOPEN STATE," which speaks to Donald Trump's whole idea of pushing to open the country before having an adequate testing program in place insure we can track cases. Trump is simply afraid of more COVID-19 testing because he fears the additional cases it will turn up.

Kentucky Gov. re. protests...

The opening of the U.S. economy? Here's what CNN reports...
"As it stands in this coronavirus pandemic, the answer remains entirely unclear. Health experts have said the United States needs to rapidly increase its ability to test people for the virus in order to safely reopen without sparking a new wave of infections. Many governors have asked the federal government -- which has refused to take responsibility for shortages -- to help ramp up that testing capability."
Again, the Oval Office lunatic afraid of seeing new coronavirus cases. And so the beat goes on, first Kentucky, then whatever next state has the most double-digit IQs, and then on and on until those of the most ignorant species have killed themselves...and us. What this country has come to.

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