Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Dopey Republicans said...Credible scientists said...

This is an argument that scientists and the healthcare community cannot afford to lose...

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Here we have one of those stupid arguments that have become commonplace since Donald Trump settled in the White House. The plausible and rational side and the Trump side. leaving the American public in the middle to suffer, some die, from a virus the Oval Office lunatic should have been on the top of from the beginning (having been advised of the potential pandemic on January 18) but clearly has not been. Two months of doing nothing.

Republicans are telling T-rump it should have happened yesterday, referring to the opening of the economy. Credible scientists have shown in a study that, "Social distancing measures may be necessary until 2022 to contain coronavirus pandemic." Okay, there is a middle ground here somewhere and I'll bet the scientific community is more willing to negotiate than are Trump and his minions. Here are the findings...
"In the study, published in the journal Science Tuesday, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health researchers projected that several smaller outbreaks of COVID-19 could follow the more severe pandemic.
"They determined that prolonged periods of social distancing may be necessary in order to control transmission and prevent health care facilities from becoming overwhelmed."
Good illustration of COVID-19 SPREAD...

Obviously it will require a widespread educational program that Donald Trump is no doubt incapable of handling but could be implemented by those in healthcare who know what they are doing. Dr. Anthony Fauci would not be the right leader as long as he is under the thumb of T-rump. Scientists should form their own group like the Democratic governors have done to do their own thing, refusing to let Donald Trump interfere.

This is the case from the right, which you have to understand has no concern for the average American's health but is thinking only of starting up a lagging economy for just one reason, to win the November election...
"President Donald Trump is itching to reopen the economy amid the coronavirus pandemic. And congressional Republicans are mostly giving him the green light — and in some cases, leaning on him to speed up.
"As Trump alternately agonizes over when to push states to reopen and browbeats governors with questionable claims of his superior authority, GOP lawmakers are urging federal guidance that quickly restarts some industries and begins to roll back unprecedented closures of vast swaths of the United States."
There are 24 states with Democratic governors and considering the recent "mutiny," as Trump described it, they plan to do the right thing with their states no matter what the White House maniac says. Naturally, the good guys, and gals, are rooting for the scientists and the governors.

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