Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Coronavirus crisis TODAY

Things are happening so fast in the COVID-19 pandemic that brevity is the best format...

"Gov. Cuomo’s crisis leadership is putting Trump to shame." Cuomo says he's not running for president, but if he was???

"Nurses Share Coronavirus Stories Anonymously in an Online Document." They say coronavirus has turned American hospitals into “war zones.”Sonja Schwartzbach started compiling the accounts after she determined that hospital conditions were “far worse” than most people realized.

"Trump’s Coronavirus Disinformation Campaign Isn’t Working: Poll." According to this article neither the American public nor several lawmakers, even some Republicans, believe that Donald Trump can solve the COVID-10 crisis.

"Some Trump supporters fear coronavirus lockdowns are undermining ‘America’s masculinity’: history professor." Here's an example of a Trump supporter: "Jonathan Shuttlesworth, said that people who practice social distancing are “sissies” and “pansies” who have been 'neutered.'” Does it get more pathetic?

"The final death toll from coronavirus will not be the result of viral disease; it will be the result of mental disease. The greatest risk factor of disease and death is not being considered, and that is Donald Trump."
Image result for andrew cuomo donald trump"Cuomo says he doesn’t want to fight with Trump over politics in coronavirus response: ‘I think it’s anti-American’" The gentleman vs. the idiot.

"Americans rage as Trump admits he’s watching cable news amid the coronavirus pandemic." As the healthcare industry begs for more supplies and equipment to fight COVID-19, "Donald Trump spent Tuesday morning watching television and commenting [tweeting] on what he watched." Only a moron would give this idiot a good favorability rating.

"‘No more spending’: Trump and GOP cast doubt on new stimulus after securing $4.5 trillion corporate bailout." After Moscow Mitch got what he wanted for big business, he is refusing to give additional help to Americans that got pittance from the first stimulus bill, half of what corporations received.

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