Friday, June 1, 2018

Poor baby-Donald Trump ABC-TV ignores/he whines

Doesn't even whine like a guy
When Donald Trump is supposed to have more important things on his mind, definitely not thinking about the Roseanne show cancellation, according to misinformation specialist, Sara Sanders, Trump's press secretary, bam, right after she announces this, the Oval Office lunatic starts tweeting over how his feelings are hurt. Bob Iger of ABC called Valerie Jarrett to apologize for the tweet rant by Roseanne Barr, but T-rump complained that Iger had never called him, "to apologize for the HORRIBLE statements made and said about me on ABC."

Donald Trump, as the leader of the freest nation in the world, and that supposedly includes racism, didn't take Roseanne to task for the HORRIBLE things she said about Valerie Jarrett, like comparing her to an ape and the Muslim brotherhood. Rather this moron did what he always does, turned the whole matter around until it became a Donald Trump issue. Whining like some four-year-old that doesn't get his way. Simpleton Sanders explained her boss' statement about Iger by saying, Trump was "simply calling out media bias."

That statement doesn't even deserve an answer if the person, being who he is, does not recognize blatant racial slurs when he sees them. But then we are talking about the same person who based his run for the presidency on racism and white nationalism. And he won, but thank God, not with the popular vote, which would mean this country is populated by the same kind of moron they voted for. It was the Electoral College, and it is in bi-partisan general agreement now that the College is out of date and should be replaced.

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