Friday, June 1, 2018

Donald Trump makes the laws now...not Congress

Trump-Judge Gonzalo Curiel
The Oval Office lunatic started over two years ago during the presidential campaign making disparaging remarks about the judicial system and US District Court Judge Gonzalo Curiel, him because he was of Mexican heritage (born in Indiana) his court because Trump thought he was being railroaded in the lawsuit against Trump University. Trump ended up paying $25 million to his former “students,” who sued him for ripping them off. But it was the fact he felt he was above the law and not to be held accountable to the innocent folks who bought in simply because of his name.

He continues to ridicule judges along with the courts and the justice system, perhaps in part because of the lawsuits that have been filed against him. When Trump decided to mock "due process of law, the bedrock against government's arbitrary denial of a person's life, liberty or property." That was too much and there was a reaction...
"Critics warn that denunciations that once seemed so aberrational may be seeping into the American psyche and influencing how government operates."
Then he decided, "immigrants at the border could be summarily deported without any hearing to determine if they deserved asylum or were US citizens wrongly apprehended." He even said on Fox News...
"the system of immigration judges [was] "corrupt," and whoever heard of a system where you put people through trials? Where do these judges come from?"
He defends men for domestic violence shifting the blame from them on to the system. This parallels his abuse of women, which he either denies outright, or justifies because it is something he, Donald Trump, can do. He fired FBI Director Jim Comey simply because Comey was getting too close in his investigation of how the Russians helped elect him president. Former GWB aide Michael Gerson, a conservative writer, wrote...
"Whatever else Trumpism may be, it is the systematic organization of resentment against outgroups. His record is rich in dehumanization. ... This is more than a disturbing pattern; it is an organizing political principle. And it has resulted in a series of radiating consequences."
It is disturbing enough that Donald Trump and the whole Republican gang must go in November.

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