Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Trump's transition team worse than even imagined

Rudy Giulini in anticipation
"Trump's transition team read like a who's who of some of the worst political villains of the last 40 years." This from The Nation that's been trying to make sense of an election that doesn't make sense. Here's the lineup:
  • Kris Kobach, acclaimed vote suppressor and co-author of Arizona's 1070 ant-immigrant law
  • Congressman Lou Barletta, best known for effectively criminalizing immigrants as Mayor of Hazleton, PA
  • Florida Atty. General Pam Bondi, who sacked career prosecutors working to indict attackers for fraud and accepted an illegal $25,000 from Trump Foundation at the time at the time she decided to stop an investigation of Trump University 
  • Ken Blackwell, as Ohio sec. of state prevented enough Democratic voters from casting ballots in 2004, to hand the state to GWB
These words are taken directly from the The Nation, and this is but a few of the many scoundrels they bring to task that make up Trump's transition team. When you consider these very scary individuals will assist in ushering in the new administration of Donald Trump, it is easy to see how Progressive publications like The Nation would be concerned, even alarmed. It would appear that Trump has gone out of his way to gather political outlaws around him.

Candidates for and those already selected for Trump's cabinet are another horror story entirely. People like Newt Gingrich, Rudy Giuliani, John Bolton, Sarah Palin, Rick Scott, the infamous former Arizona Sheriff, Joe Arpaio, Stephen Hadley and Ben Carson. In each of these individuals' cases, there is a history of radical conservatism that is not in the best interest of this country. Collectively, you have political Armageddon.

In The Nation's words, "This isn't just the swamp, it's the muck dredged up from the bottom." Donald Trump can execute his promise to clean up the "Washington swamp" by starting in his own backyard.

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