Thursday, January 13, 2022

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey to health workers...'Shut up and save us.'


E.J. Montini, local Phoenix columnist, strikes again, and as before, he castigates the current governor-thank God! only one more year-Doug (the DUD) Ducey for his handling of the coronavirus pandemic in Arizona. In his recent State of the State address, Ducey's emphasis was on education and border security, each of which is important, but this idiot ignored the state's 1.5 million Covid-19 cases, and 25,000 deaths. Basically, his reaction,"Shut up and save us."

Montini's response...

If I was one of them I’d be tempted to respond, “Fine, then save yourselves … jerks.”

If I was one of them, I would organize state healthcare providers and come up with a recall petition to dump this moron in disgrace before the end of his last year. More than "1,000 physicians, nurses, caregivers and others have signed an open letter to Gov. Doug Ducey, health care leaders and state and county officials asking for immediate action to help combat the latest omicron surge of COVID-19 cases in Arizona," according to the Arizona Republic.

Here is an excerpt from the letter...

“Our healthcare workforce is suffering from moral injury and burnout from the sustained onslaught that wave after wave of COVID has had on us, our families, and our communities. The COVID-19 pandemic is running unmitigated throughout the state and is straining our hospitals and affecting patient standards of care. Our current situation is unsustainable.”

"Unsustainable," should ring bells and send up flags all over the governor's office.

So, one must assume that Ducey's aides are as stupid as he is? Two top aides left last August, his Chief of Staff, and Deputy Chief of Staff, to take jobs in Washington and Arkansas. The COS is a key position for any politician and you have to wonder if what little brains Ducey had...left with them. The letter also clearly states healthcare workers are suffering from moral injury and burnout.

Here's the scenario...
"The group is asking Ducey, lawmakers and other officials to implement indoor mask requirements, increase access to COVID-19 testing, provide free, high-quality masks to the public and increase funding for air filtration systems in schools and businesses. And they want a safer workplace for themselves.

"They’re asking us this collectively, and they’re asking it individually. You can see some of their stories online."
Recognize CDC protocol? Wearing a mask indoors, increase COVID-19 testing, increase funding for air filtration systems in schools and businesses. This doesn't sound unreasonable to me and these moves could help suppress future outbreaks of the virus. Phoenix-based Dr. Christina Bergin is one of the letter signers and had this to say on her Twitter account...
“We are the ones seeing the devastation of this pandemic day in & day out. We know the realities of working in the hospital and in outpatient settings right now … And that earlier thread didn’t even get into single rooms turned into double rooms, or physicians trying desperately to find beds for critically ill patients but not being able to find any. And it didn’t address the deep moral injury that comes from seeing so much death … .”
Montini wraps it all up with nurses on the frontline begging for help with both Covid cases and deaths soaring. The totally obtuse Ducey chose to ignore all of the above in his State of the State address. But even after all this Montini notes that none of the healthcare workers said, “Fine, then save yourselves, jerks.” They have an oath they keep, which they do. Politicians have one too, but do not keep it.

I would like to thank E.J. Montini for his excellent commentary, which provided the substance for this blog post.

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