Friday, March 29, 2019

Arizona will turn Blue soon

A Blue Arizona finally
I live in Arizona and, due to a large amount of rainfall and the warmer days coming sooner, this state is beautiful! But it's not Blue yet, still Red with a gang of radical conservatives hell-bent on ruining the state. We have some of the loosest gun laws in the country, our educational system ranks 47th in the U.S., with teacher pay a confusing number 50th to 28th nationwide. But, the Hill reports that, "Arizona Democrats see a path to the White House that runs through the Valley of the Sun."

That avenue cited is a result of a doubling population since 1990, that in the past was initiated by retirees who voted Republican. Much of the growth is still the fantastic weather, but now the younger generation has found the Valley of the Sun. They are looking for good jobs and low housing costs — while at the same time holding on to their progressive beliefs. One of the significant results of this is the fact that Krysten Sinema, a woman and Democrat, was elected to the U.S. Senate.

Half of our imports, 537,000 people total, came from California carrying that state's Progressivism in their luggage. I have experienced a local group reading my blog who agree with my posts and express their own Progressive views. And there are the Hispanic voters who have let both parties down repeatedly in the past, but with a younger age group the time just might be right in 2020. When you combine these three groups, the left could make its voice heard in the near future, turning Arizona into the Blue state it should be.

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