Friday, March 22, 2019

Arizona breeds a lower mentality of conservatives

I live in Arizona and most of the time it is a pleasure to be here. But then there are those instances that you wonder how this state survives. Arizona is ultra conservative, the state legislature and Governor being heavily Republican. Progressives like myself are speaking out more these days and the future could be promising. But today was one of those days my wife and were wishing that we were back in California. Friday had been perfect in all respects until, while parked in a shopping center, a gnarly old codger walked up to my wife's side of the car and just stared in at us.

She rolled down the window and asked if he wanted something. His reply was, "Just wanted to see what Socialists look like." Figuring he had seen the Bernie sticker on our bumper, she replied, "That's Democratic Socialists," and what are you? "A patriot," he said, and I immediately pegged him as a Tea Party lowlife. Responding further to my wife, he said, "Oh, a communist." She countered, not even bothering to address his stupid communist comment, "Well, I respect your viewpoint." To which this double-digit bonehead replied, "I don't respect yours."

You know when you're talking to an imbecile so my wife rolled up the window and we drove away leaving a remnant of the disgraced Tea Party behind. 

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