LATEST: Bernie sanders within one point of Clinton in Nevada Caucus

Bernie Sanders has literally destroyed Hillary Clinton's lock on the non-white vote by pulling to within one point of his opponent; Sanders 47%, Clinton 48%. This just three days before Nevada caucuses on Saturday. The new figures were apparently a shock to the Clinton campaign, and yet another sign that Bernie Sanders has grown to the candidate for all the people of the U.S. We're not only talking African-American but the large number of Latinos working in the casinos.

The Bern nas gained 13 points on Clinton since the last poll in October of 2015, a phenomenal jump when considering the odds he is up against. But Nevada isn't really as diverse as many think and less than some of the future primaries, coming in at 15% of caucus-goers, Latino, 15%, African-American, and 3% Asian-American. 65% were white. Nevertheless it is a good test for Bernie Sanders and one that he both relishes and plans to excel in.

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  1. My hopes increase with each step-up in his momentum. The very good thing about the Bernie and Hilary race is; Bernie is an honest man, saying it as he sees it and not vacillating to gain votes, while Hilary plays the typical mainstream politician - doing and saying whatever she needs, depending upon the scenario she finds herself in.

    Which, of course, misses the entire message of most of the Millennials and a huge portion of us old farts.

    Keep in real and keep it coming Bernie



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