Thursday, November 11, 2021

The Agony of Stupidity


A Twin Cities doctor spread misinformation about COVID-19. Then he died from it

Dr. Christopher Foley, a physician who trained in internal medicine at the University of Minnesota, spread falsehoods about the COVID-19 pandemic and vaccines. Here is some of his misinformation on the virus...
"In blog posts over the past year, Foley wrote on his practice’s website that it was dangerous to wear masks and that the drug ivermectin was a proven treatment against COVID-19 — a drug he prescribed for patients even though the Food and Drug Administration warns against it. He reposted false claims about the vaccine made by Robert F. Kennedy Jr., a well-known opponent of vaccines who has been banned from social media platforms."

Foley was unvaccinated, died from Covid at 71. Tsk Tsk 

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