Saturday, November 20, 2021

Sleepy Joe Just Woke Up...


Joe Biden may have nodded off in the past and been criticized for his lack of attention, but it's pretty clear today that he is wide awake and in full control of his agenda. Jeff Stein in the Washington Post writes that the President "is finally gaining momentum." He may not yet have put the Machins and Sinemas completely behind him, but it is certain he has aroused the bipartisanship needed when 13 Republicans stepped across the aisle voting for his Infrastructure Bill.

Here's what Stein said...

"Long stymied by seemingly intractable divisions, Biden in the same week signed into law a $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill while also pushing through the House of Representatives a separate, $2 trillion social and climate policy measure that has become the centerpiece of the president’s vision to change the American economy."

Next up, Biden must decide whether to keep Jerome Powell as the chair of the

Federal Reserve, something that will have a large effect on the economy. Nominated by Trump, questions have arisen of late with rising inflation. Added to this thrust in the President's plan is the success in slowing down the Covid-19 pandemic with more people vaccinated and now booster shots and vaccine for children aged 5 to 11.

Stein cites the fact that people are buying goods and there is a positive outlook for Christmas. Unemployment is looking good and the jobs market is improving, two factors that are sure to move the market forward. Biden is working behind the scenes to control inflation, encouraging corporations to hold the line on consumer price increases. And, the President and China's Xi have gotten together to encourage the release of oil reserves around the world to stabilize gas prices.

The fact of the matter is Sleepy Joe may have nodded off at one time, but it is definitely clear today he is in full control and this country is moving ahead.

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