Tuesday, April 3, 2012

48 dead from 49 shootings across U. S. in March alone…See timeline below

When will the American public understand that guns do kill people and that it is the proliferation of these weapons throughout the country that is causing the deaths of our family, friends and neighbors?  Not until these same people say no to the National Rifle Assn. (NRA) and similar gun rights groups and put them in their place.  And that would be as provocateurs of the death and violence that has taken place since these organizations have diluted gun laws nationwide.

It is that simple.  Looking back at Columbine, then Virginia Tech, followed by the Loughner massacre in Tucson, AZ that almost took former Rep. Gabby Giffords life and left her with years of rehabilitation, the T.J. Lane mass shooting in Chardon, OH, it isn’t hard to see how we have easily arrived at the point where no one seems to know just what to do about the recent shooting of the black Florida teenager Trayvon Martin. 

We don’t know whether to blame it on George Zimmerman, the lax gun laws of Florida and other states like it, the NRA, the U.S. Congress, or an apathetic public that has allowed congressional and state legislators, who are gun worshippers, to give the NRA and their cronies a free-reign.

NRA "gun control"
Well, it’s all of the above.  Nobody listens to the gun control advocates who have been predicting increased violence for years if gun laws continue to loosen.  As an example, 29 states have the ‘Stand Your Ground” law and 4 more are considering it.  Yes, statistics do indicate some violence is going down across the country, but you can’t prove it by the above figures.  One of these reported deaths was a 3-year-old who shot himself with a family gun he found in their car.

If you have the patience, and the guts, to learn more about what is going on in gun-crazy America, take the time to read the following documentation of the 49 shootings that left 48 dead in just this past March.

        • March 6, Jacksonville, FL, 2 dead when fired teacher kills school head, then himself.
        • March 7, Tulsa County, OK, 3 hospitalized after being shot in Courthouse Plaza.
        • March 8, Pittsburgh, PA, 2 dead, 7 hurt at psychiatric hospital.
        • March 9, Montesano, WA, Officer shot, Judge stabbed at Grays Harbor County Courthouse.
        • March 12, Las Vegas, NV, 5 shot at a resort casino parking structure which was thought to be gsng-related.
        • March 12, Lamoine, ME, 1 dead, 3 injured in weekend shooting.
        • March 13, Sanford, FL, Trayvon Martin is shot and killed by watch captain George Zimmerman, supposedly in self-defense.
        • March 13, Gallup, NM, 2 killed, a father and son, 2 wounded, in total of 4 shootings within two hours.
        • March 14, Little Rock, AR, 1 dead, shot by 9-year-old sister while parents away from their apartment.  The girl was autistic.
        • March 14, Phoenix, AZ, 1 dead, 1 wounded at an apartment complex.
        • March 14, Tacoma, WA, 3-year-old dead after shooting himself with gun he found in family car.
        • March 14, Jefferson County, TX, 1 dead, at least two injured at Texas courthouse.
        • March 14, Houston, TX, 1 killed at rave party where from 300 to 600 teens were crowded into a house.
        • March 16, Glendale, AZ, 3 dead in apparent murder/suicide, two were man’s young sons.
        • March 18, Fayetteville, NC, 1 highschooler dead in nightclub gang fight.
        • March 18, Fayetteville, NC, less than an hour from above, 1 dead at another club shooting in the parking lot.
        • March 18, Chicago, IL, 5 dead, 12 wounded, in attacks across the Chicago metro-area.
        • March 18, Indianapolis, IN, 5 teens shot in downtown Indianapolis, some injuries believed to be life-threatening.
        • March 18, Bourbon, MO, 4 dead including woman and three children at a campground resort.  Could be murder/suicide.
        • March 18, Oak Hill, WV, 3 dead including two women found in a home.  Shooter was 83-year-old man.
        • March 19, Lacey, WA, 1 dead, 2 wounded in Seattle suburb, requiring eight schools to go on lockdown.
        • March 20, Gilbert, AZ, 1 wounded, a 12-year-old girl shot by her 10-year-old brother.  Father a police officer, but gun owner unknown.
        • March 20, Newport, RI, 1 dead 1 injured, in shooting and stabbing, an assault according to police.
        • March 21, Avondale, OH, 4-year-old wounded when walking home from a cookout.
        • March 21, Avondale, OH, 1 wounded in aggravated robbery.
        • March 23, Ypsilanti, MI, 3 wounded during apparent attempted narcotics sale resulting from argument over price of pills.
        • March 23, Burlington, IA, 1 man dead, 1 woman wounded in head who then shot boyfriend in the head several times in a fight killing him, all over their relationship.
        • March 24, Oakland, CA, 1 boy dead in shooting going to a house party.
        • March 24, Oakland, CA, 1 man dead, 1 woman seriously wounded.
        • March 24, Rogue Valley, OR, 1 dead, wife murdered by her husband with 10-year-old son at home.
        • March 24, Rogue Valley, OR, 1 dead in White City shooting.
        • March 25, Starkville, MS, 1 dead at Mississippi State U. in his campus room.
        • March 26, Decatur, GA, 1 teen shot to death by apartment security guards.  The investigation is on-going.
        • March 30, Lake Charles, LA, 1 dead, 1 wounded in shooting where drugs were involved.
        • March 30, Lake Charles, LA, 1 wounded in another drug deal gone bad.
        • March 30, Batesville, MS, 2 dead, at least 3 wounded in an apartment complex, apparently gang-related.
        • March 30, Phoenix, AZ, 1 dead at apartment complex.
        • March 30, Chicago, IL, 1 dead, 5 wounded at a convenience store.
        • March 31, Chicago, IL, 2 dead, 11 wounded, including the nephew (wounded) of Miami heat star Dwyane Wade.
        • March 31, Prince Georges County, VA, 3 wounded in Hyattsville in residential area.
        • March 31, Miami, FL, 2 dead, 12 injured in mass shooting during a funeral.  Wounded included a 5-year-old girl.
If you have survived this far, I won’t keep you any longer except to say, I’ve been telling you so.   

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