Tuesday, September 28, 2021

The Agony of Stupidity...Dying from Misinformation


Two daughters are motherless because their mother, Cori Taylor-Wall, like so many other idiots, believed in the senseless and laughable crackpot misinformation on Covid-19 she got from the Internet. The kids claim they were her life, which makes no sense because, if they had been, she wouldn't have acted in such a foolish way. More from the daughter Kellie...

"described their mother as a “supermom” with a big heart, but had grown unhappy with her anti-vaccine stance."

There is no excuse for a mother with two loving children begging her to save her life, to not take every precaution in the book. "Unhappy with her anti-vaccine stance" came a little late. But it seems it is what all these dumb deniers say in the end. Tsk, Tsk.   READ MORE.