Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Hit the anti-vaxxers where it hurts...their pocketbook


Let's be reasonable. I have done everything I can to prevent catching Covid-19, including getting the vaccine, wearing a mask, practicing social distancing, and staying in my home except for necessities like shopping, going to the doctor, etc. Some, but very little entertainment. The same applies to my wife. I am 89, my wife 77, in reasonably good health for our ages. On the other hand, we know people


even family members, who take none of the above precautions.

Some acquaintances have caught the virus, no doubt needing medical care, and my wife's family of eight all recently came down with coronavirus after openly flaunting it for months. This included two young children under 5, and a mother suffering from cancer and on chemotherapy. My wife agrees with me that they should pay any and all medical bills out of their pockets. It can't get any closer to home than this, compounded by the fact my wife tried to help repeatedly.

Anti-vaxxers are constantly in the news with a staggering amount of arrogance, but a complete lack of science. The latest is their use of Ivermectin to fight the virus, using this in lieu of getting vaccinated. Ivermectin, as you may know, is a drug for treating parasites in animals and has been used in treating tropical diseases on humans. But, the CDC is adamant: Ivermectin should definitely not be taken to treat Covid-19. Just more unnecessary medical bills from stupidity.

It remains to be seen just how much effect the FDA's full approval of Pfizer's vaccine will have on these skeptics. As far as I am concerned that kind of reasoning is for the double-digits and doesn't hold water when it comes to the whole reality of this situation. Especially as the Delta variant rages across the country and we have dimwit Republican governors siding with this radical group. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and Florida's Ron DeSantis come to mind.

I did a blog on this August 2nd, "Private health insurers/Medicare should deny anti-vaxxers coverage," with a picture that should chill the hearts of even the most dedicated anti-vaxxers. It shows a young boy looking through a window from

outside his mother's hospital room, unable to get close to her because she has coronavirus. It is heart-wrenching, but a clear picture of how bad things have gotten. In my blog I said...
"It is getting worse because 1 in 4 Americans are refusing to get the vaccine. In addition to vaccine denial, "Relaxing precautions, such as no longer wearing masks or engaging in social distancing," a major contributor according to leading epidemiologists."

Here's more from my August 2 blog...

"It was actually Piers Morgan that came up with this concept of denying health coverage to those who will deny the vaccination. His headline: "Piers Morgan: If you refuse COVID-19 vaccine and catch the virus, you should be denied state-funded health care and pay for it yourself." I added the idea of including the private insurance carriers. The U.S. currently stands at 49.9% fully vaccinated, with most of the summer still ahead of us."

There's a new trend. Corporations, educational institutions, the health care industry demanding that their people get their vaccinations. More, businesses refuse service to anyone who isn't vaccinated, also requiring a vaccination before hiring. The public is finally coming around to the fact that we are being taken advantage of. If you want to be obstinate about getting vaccinated, then you're on your own. If you think you can handle all this, then just continue to be an idiot.

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