Monday, May 11, 2020

Donald Trump does Arizona and Gov. Doug Ducey swoons

Donald Trump was only in Arizona around three hours but was able to turn the state's governor, Doug Ducey, into a replica of himself. Ducey is now a clone of Donald Trump.

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The clone is on

Doug Ducey has never been known to be a Rhodes Scholar, but, then, how much mental capacity does it take to sell ice cream in Arizona. However, the Oval Office lunatic just visited Phoenix, touring the Honeywell plant where they manufacture medical face masks for coronavirus. The douchebag did his standard suckup welcoming T-rump, following him around for the exposure, then he promptly did this...
"Arizona ended the work of a team of scientists who predicted that the peak of its outbreak had not yet arrived.
"The experts, from Arizona universities, were making models for the state, and had predicted that the peak could come on May 22 or later.
"But the state's health department stopped their work hours after Republican Gov. Doug Ducey announced some businesses can reopen this week, ABC 15 Arizona and the Arizona Republic reported.
"The state now says it will rely on other sources of information and on federal modelling."
Georgia...on everybody's mind...

Discharged but still vocal...
the modeling team, made up of at least 23 volunteer experts from Arizona State University and the University of Arizona, had predicted in late April that peak of the outbreak in the state hasn't arrived yet — and could come on May 22 or later.
Just another stupid Republican governor that espouses we should let the people of the U.S. just hurry up and die? There are more as dumb or dumber. In early April "eight US governors decided against issuing statewide directives urging their residents to stay at home as the outbreak of the coronavirus escalates and spreads across the country, the last holdouts in the nation." Trump continued to refuse a nationwide closure, citing the Constitution as his reason.

Atlanta Mayor in rebuttal to Governor Kemp...

And "Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms pleads for residents to stay home, despite Governor Brian Kemp lifting shelter-in-place orders and reopening some nonessential businesses." Salon reports the Founding Fathers started this country with "no president, no federal judiciary and essentially no federal government." They subsequently decided to set up a stronger central government, but couldn't have visualized the nightmare that exists today.

Congress has relinquished its power over the years to the White House, in part because the president needs the ability to wage war, among other emergencies like an invasion or, say, a pandemic. It is interesting to note here that Donald Trump's free rein to address the COVID-19 crisis resulted in a colossal failure these Founding Fathers could never have imagined. He has not recovered from the initial ineptness, thus, the country's governors either follow suit or do their own thing.

11 times Donald Trump downplayed the coronavirus...

Salon continues...
"Donald Trump has been blustering about his "power" since he was elected, even fatuously declaring, 'I have an Article II, where I have to the right to do whatever I want as president.' More recently, he argued that he had "total authority" to make states withdraw their stay-at-home orders, before backing off."
Since the coronavirus crept up on our beaches and spread throughout our cities, "Trump has actually been impotent in every important way." Still, he has "been on TV almost every day blathering about what a great job he's doing." What he hasn't done, and by far the most important, is that he has not led the country in a time of dire crisis. On a daily basis Donald Trump comes off as a blundering idiot, which he definitely is.

Again, the "massively powerful tool" called the Defense Production Act is put forward, something he has already used "hundreds of thousands of times" as president. But instead, this is what the White House maniac did, he told state governors, "Respirators, ventilators, all of the equipment — try getting it yourselves." This resulted in...
"bidding wars and cloak-and-dagger black market purchases. He complained mightily that they weren't doing their jobs. But it was he who wasn't doing his."
"Way ahead on testing - Best in the world on testing...yeah, sure - Bullshit...

It is clear why Donald Trump doesn't want a nationally coordinated approach to the surge of COVID-19, more so a federally backed testing program for the virus. It will produce numbers that embarrass him, like the fact we are already averaging close to 2,000 deaths per day from the disease with no hope of improvement in sight. New cases are currently running around 25,000 daily, but a new model from Trump's White House predicts 200,000 per day by June.

This frightening figure is a result of the opening of the economy by T-rump and select governors around the country, and promises to produce a new daily death toll of at least 3,000. Trump's own model predicts that, based on reopening, plus relaxed restrictions on social distancing, it will put the status of the coronavirus pandemic right back to where it was mid-March. Since Trump has failed so miserably at any progress, he figures the relapse won't be that noticeable.

Here's Senator Chuck Schumer's take on the current situation...
“By muzzling science and the truth, it will only prolong this health and economic crisis. The president’s failure to accept the truth, and then his desire to hide it, is one of the chief reasons we are lagging behind so many other countries in beating this scourge.”
The United States looks disgraceful up against other countries of the world. You can check it in the WORLDOMETER report reflecting results from countries. Scroll down to the breakdown by country. It's more than frightening.

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