Wednesday, June 27, 2012

U.S. Supreme Court rules on Arizona immigration law SB-1070…It’s a tie

Well, not exactly.  Although Arizona’s bungling Gov. Jan Brewer claimed victory, here’s what that win will entail.  Yes, Arizona can now require the police to determine if a person is a legal resident, if the individual is being stopped for some other violation of the law.  The cops will have to be very careful about this since the feds will be watching closely for racial profiling.  In all likelihood, if the person has no criminal record, ICE will not accept them for deportation.

And now, following the Supreme Court ruling, the feds rescinded Arizona’s 287G privileges, meaning, law enforcement cannot use the data system to verify illegal immigration, to confirm the status of people that have been stopped.  Broiling Brewer claims that she has checked and found that Arizona is the only state denied this data check. 

The reason the feds give, according to ColorLines, “…the program was not useful in states that have adopted immigration enforcement laws like SB1070.”  The feds will do the same in other states where SB-1070 type laws are in effect.

Blundering Brewer wags her finger again
So let’s look at this fiasco from a practical standpoint.  The state of Arizona has spent millions of dollars—supposedly donated money—and this comatose governor says she and the state are victorious when most of the illegal immigrants  they turn over to ICE will be released and in the process the state will most likely end up with several cases of racial profiling filed by the feds.  In other words, it is business like it was before this whole botched situation started.

It’s Arizona at its best, and the nation has once again had the opportunity to look at the state with disdain with the ridicule soon to begin.  I don’t know about you other progressives out there, but I have had enough and I hope, if we aren’t all banded together by now, the push will start soon to bring out the vote in November and get rid of as many of these conservative radicals as we can.

You can see a list of progressive websites here, and I recommend that you regularly follow Arizona Progress Action for the latest on what is happening on the left.  These posts are directed primarily at Arizona’s problems with an out of touch government and are specifically for the progressive reader.  You can also get involved through the Obama/Biden website for Arizona here.  I urge you to study all these sites for the best way you can participate for the Nov. election.

And I will leave you with these statistics re. popularity ratings in the great state of Arizona.  Public Policy Polling did a recent study to determine just who was the “supremist” in the state between Obama and Brewer.  President Obama came out on top with a 45 percent favorable, compared to the state’s own governor Jan Brewer with 43 percent favorable.  Agreed, it was before the SB-1070 decision but, come on, even two points at that time are an indication Arizona is in trouble.

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