Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Militia fanatics still a real threat to this country

Just over a week ago, a leader of an Alaska militia group and one of his peons were judged guilty of conspiracy to commit murder, also having weapons in a plot to kill government officials and law enforcement officers, according to the Chicago Tribune.  Prosecutors indicated that this was yet another example of anti-government action by these radical groups in the last few years.  I did a post on this fanaticism back in May, receiving several scathing comments.

Norm Olson, well-known
Alaska militiaman
I just Googled “U.S. militia groups 2012” and found a startling number of warnings by major news sources that the trend is still very much alive and growing.  Headlines like, “Hate groups, citizen militias surge in U.S.” and “Anti-government ‘sovereign movement’ on the rise in U.S.,” as an example.  The scary part is that in the comments from my last post on this issue, most of those responding thought this militia nonsense was perfectly OK.

There is a site that lists militias by state, here, if you are interested.  As you will see they are situated throughout the country and, God forbid, a scenario where these wackos got organized across state lines and started making trouble as a national force.  This is not fantasy, it is probability that is well substantiated by the actions of those in the above Alaska incident and when blueprinted out could include the potential attempt to take over the U.S. government by these lunatics.

Perhaps one of the most recent examples of a militia threat that could come to fruition was Arizona’s own J.T. Ready who was known as a neo-Nazi, member of the National Socialist Movement (NSM), and founder and head of the U.S. Border Guard, an Arizona militia.  Although Ready focused his hate primarily on illegal immigrants, his racist tendencies could have boiled over into other pursuits. 

On May 2, J.T. Ready killed four family members, including an infant, before turning the gun on himself.  It is this kind of mentality that we are dealing with in radical militias and what makes them so dangerous to our country.   

And while still on Arizona, the legislature recently voted down a state-sanctioned militia bill designed to set up an organization that would support other private militia groups that patrol the U.S./Mexico border.  Jack Foote, a high profile Arizona border-militia leader from Cottonwood, worked with the legislature in writing the legislation.  Foote said, “"We have now washed our hands of our state's Legislature.  Now we are going to do things our own way."

J.T. Ready with
assault weapon
Spoken like a true Arizonan.  This is what Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer and ousted state Senator Russell Pearce attempted with the anti-immigration law, SB-1070 that the Supreme Court recently gutted except for one portion.  This defeat could revive action on the state militia bill and cause more conflict between Arizona and the federal government.  Critics of a border militia say it is “extremist in nature.”  The bill would have established a 300-member armed guard on the border.

An excellent review of militia actions in the U.S. is covered in the New Trajectory Blog that starts in 2012 and dates back to 1983.  Once again, the activity is neatly apportioned throughout the country, giving rise to my admonition that we must be on the lookout for some kind of nationalization by these fruitcakes.  This potential, combined with the incessant drive by the National Rifle Assn. (NRA) to loosen gun laws is a powder keg ready to blow.

The old adage that one apple can spoil the whole barrel is true when it comes to this kind of organization.  As many of my comments indicated on the former post, there are good militia members out there and I won’t necessarily argue with that.  But the good can be led by a stronger bad, and that is the problem.  A border Arizona rancher who has accepted help from militias said, “Some people can join and have their own agendas.  That gets kind of frightening.”  An understatement.

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